Month: September 2011

Is this what Apple’s iPhone 5 speech recognition will be like?

Last May, TechCrunch reported that Apple was talking with Nuance to use its speech recognition tech into the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Earlier this week, 9to5Mac detailed the new feature, calling it the most important for the new iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, users will hold down the home button to launch the

T-Mobile unveils new design for U.S. stores (video)

T-Mobile is not waiting around for a merger or a bankruptcy court. The company announced plans today to remodel more than 400 of its stores in the U.S. after a similar redesign had positive steps in Europe. The first redesign stores will open Oct. 5 in Boston and Washington, D.C. T-Mobile said the goal is

MEDL Mobile makes more than half their app catalog free

MEDL Mobile, Inc moved into the national spotlight back in January 2010 when it was featured on CNBC’s “Planet of the Apps” for its App Incubator program. The company has made more than 100 apps since then and, for a limited time, the majority of the company’s app catalog is free. The limited-time promotion is

iPhone 5 cases show up in AT&T’s inventory

Well, well, Boy Genius Report has nabbed a screen shot of what it says shows Apple’s new iPhone 5 cases showing up in inventory. Interestingly, we don’t see a 4S case. We see the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. There appear to be three new iPhone 5 cases from Case-Mate. A few weeks ago,

Microsoft making big money off Android phones

According to Business Insider, Microsoft stands to make nearly a half-billion off revenue from Android patent deals in the 2012 fiscal year that began last July 1. Quoting a note from Goldman Sach’s tech analyst team, Business Insider said Goldman estimates Microsoft gets between three and six bucks on every Android sold. And remember, Samsung

Tablet users more likely than PC users to purchase online

The Wall Street Journal reports today on an interesting, if not very surprising trend: users of tablets, like Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, are more likely to make online purchases than traditional PC users. The Journal says, armed with that knowledge, retailers are going to make tablet sales a huge focus heading into the

Will Samsung announce new Nexus Prime smartphone Oct. 11?

Doesn’t look like Samsung is going to sit on the sidelines and let Apple hog all the smartphone glory next month. The media began receiving invitations today for a Samsung/Google event Oct. 11 at 11:30 a.m., PST in San Diego. The invitation says the companies will show off “What’s New For Android.” The event will

Survey says 41 percent of users plan to buy iPhone 5

A new study says 41 percent of mobile phone users in the U.S., and 39 percent in London, plan to buy the iPhone 5when it’s released next month. Man, that Apple stock hovering around $400 almost looks like a good buy right now. The survey was conducted by a mobile advertising company called InMobi and