Month: October 2011

Motorola posts strong third quarter earnings

Motorola had a strong third quarter, with net revenues at $3.3 billion, up 11 percent from the third quarter in 2010. Its mobile device revenues were 20 percent higher than the 2010 third quarter, up to $2.4 billion. Revenue estimates just missed Wall Street expectations, which were $3.4 million Motorola’s earnings of $0.12 per share

Inside Sprint’s major iPhone gamble

Reuters get the facts behind Sprint’s massive iPhone deal today. Turns out that Sprint has paid Apple at least $15.5 billion (with a “B”) over the next four years to carry iPhone. Sprint also said it could need as much as $7 billion (again with a “B”) in new financing to cover a cash shortfall

Nokia exec: Lumia Windows phones will smoke iPhone 4S (video)

In an interview with Microsoft blogger Ben Rundolph, Nokia’s senior marketing VP Jo Harlow reveals high expectations for her company’s first two Windows phones, the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, that will launch next year. Said Harlow:  “Yeah, the iPhone is simple to use. iPhone has a beautiful design. [The Nokia Lumia 800] is a

Apple TV with Siri is coming in 2013

The New York Times reports today that Apple will finally release the long-awaited Apple-branded television in 2013. Apple TV–or iTV, as we think it’ll be called–will feature the Siri-based voice functionality that has been a big hit on the new iPhone 4S. In his new autobiography, the late Steve Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson that

New book offers tips to keep kids safe from cyber traps

Vermont-based attorney Frederick Lane has written a new book, “Cybertraps for the Young,” ($24.99), which offers insights into what parents need to know to keep their kids safe online. His book details the various ways kids today are “using and misusing smartphones and the Internet,” often to their detriment. “It goes far beyond simply the

New DirecTV iPad app offers live streaming, promising features

After a few hours with DirecTV’s new updated iPad app, which brings live streaming to the device, color us impressed. But we’re also hungry for more. Simply put, the app adds immeasurable value to the current DirecTV app that lets you program recordings, use DVR controls and change channels via the iPad. The interface reminded

Apple issues update for iPhoto 11

Apple has issued an update for its iPhoto 11, which updates to version 9.2.1 The update addresses issues that could cause the software to quit on Macs with a certain plug-in installed as well as improves compatibility with iCloud and iOS5. From the notes:   What’s New in iPhoto 9.2.1 • Addresses an issue that

Verizon says 4G LTE now covers 186 million Americans

Verizon proudly announced that it’s ahead of schedule in its race to cover Americans with 4G LTE service. AT&T currently has five markets on board with plans to add about 10 more before the end of the year. Sprint plans to launch its network in mid 2012. Here is the press release: Verizon Wireless’ 4G

“Social Network” writer to pen Steve Jobs biopic?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Sony, which acquired the rights to the Steve Jobs film, is quickly green-lighting the project. Quoting a source, the L.A. Times says Sony is working with writer Aaron Sorkin, who wrote “Moneyball” and the Facebook movie “Social Network” to write the new movie. The “Moneyball” and “Social Network”