Month: March 2012

New Toyota Yaris more competitive for 2012

The first Toyota Yaris was an attempt for the company to get back its good mileage mojo in the well-built small car market. It worked, kinda. The Yaris got great gas mileage but the quality was a little suspect. Much de-contenting went on, making Toyota cut corners to keep the price reasonable. Handling and looks

Now that you’ve seen the new iPad, which one should you buy?

Apple introduced its latest iPad Wednesday at a big news event in San Francisco. It has a much better screen, a faster processor and it’ll operate on the new high-speed cellular networks, called LTE, from AT&T and Verizon. Pricing has remained the same as last year, from $499 to $829. But which model should you

Apple introduces newest iPad and new Apple TV

Tim Cook, new Apple head man, said the company has sold 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices through “last year and 62 million in quarter 4 2011.” Those are staggering numbers. And the company seems poised to continue its amazing sales with the introduction of its latest iPad, which Apple execs called “the

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/8 is a beast

There are times when I get out of a test vehicle and just shake my head. Why did they do this? What was the purpose? The need? Most of the time that’s a bad thing, but in the case of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/8, it was a mighty good thing. No one needs 470