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[ 18 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on AT&T offers data sharing plans, but are they good for you? ]
AT&T offers data sharing plans, but are they good for you?

Today, AT&T joined Verizon in offering shared data plans to its customers. Essentially, you will buy a bucket of data (used for emails, surfing web, watching videos) and share that among up to 10 mobile devices. Consider your mobile devices to be cars and consider data as that gas that fuels them.
You fill up each month and then burn it out.
So is sharing data a good thing? Potentially if you have a number of devices …

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[ 13 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Verizon’s 4-inch Droid Incredible is a return to yesterday — without enough jazz ]

I was excited when the Verizon folks in Greenville, S.C., sent me the new Droid Incredible smartphone this week. As many Android phones are nearly five inches big now, and probably too big for many consumers to use with one hand effectively, here we have a return to yesteryear (or in smartphone years, a return to last week):
The HTC Droid Incredible is a 4-inch handset with a nice rubberized feel to the back which is …

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[ 12 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Motorola’s Motoactv is a watch, an MP3 player, a trainer and a heckuva good golf GPS, too ]

One of the biggest words in tech today is convergence. It means, essentially, that people are tired of carrying four or five devices and want tech gadgets that can perform multiple tasks.
It’s a big reason why smartphones like those from Apple (iPhone) and those phones running Google’s Android software are selling like mad: they can do a little of everything.
And so can Motorola’s Motoactv Golf Edition ($299.99). The large red and black watch isn’t going …

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[ 11 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Amazon launches “GameCircle,” plans possible 4 or 5 inch smart phone ]

Amazon announced its getting serious about mobile gaming today with the launch of GameCircle, which will allow gamers using Kindle Fire and Amazon services on the computer to track high game scores, invite others to play and track achievements.
Another feature of GameCircle will be “Sync,” which will automatically save a players’ in-game progress to the Amazon cloud hard drive in the sky. So users can pick up Doodle Jump exactly where they left off when …

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[ 6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on An iPhone 5 you wear on your hand? ]

Ciccarese design has released a new video of their version of a concept of an Apple iOS device users might wear on their wrists. There have been rumors of groups of folks at Apple’s headquarters working on such a device. Of course, they’re probably working on all kinds of things out there in Cupertino, Calif, including 7.85 inch iPads.
We submit for your approval:
(function() { if (window.clientSlotInstalled || location.href.indexOf(‘wp-admin’) != -1 || location.href.indexOf(‘wp-login’) != …

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[ 6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Can a pair of sneakers really change your life? If they’re Nike Free, maybe just maybe ]

Recently, I pulled my calf muscle playing basketball. I’ve pulled many muscles before but this was a different kind of pain. Couldn’t walk much. Took me darn near 30 minutes to limp from the parking lot to the doctor’s office. Diagnosis? Grade II strain. Basically you’re out a month.
A week later, the wife and I are celebrating the anniversary and she offers to buy me a pair of shoes. I’ve been hearing about these Nike …

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[ 6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Cartoon for ABC app held kids learn the alphabet on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ]

A new iOS app, Cartoon for ABC, promises to help young kids learn their alphabet on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.
Cartoon ABC is an interactive alphabet-teaching app that works well for toddlers and preschoolers. Stunning illustrations, amusing animation, relaxing melodies, and charming characters coming to life with a tap all make part of Cartoon ABC. With the help of the app kids are able to learn the letters of the alphabet, the way they sound …

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[ 6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Ticketbud app relaunches, promises easy online ticket sales to your events ]

Need to sell online tickets to your event, big or small?
Newly relaunched Ticketbud thinks it’s got the perfect solution for your needs. It promises flat fee pricing, which starts at $39.99 for a single day event with no fees for guests.
Further, the company said it can suit any size event “from large music festivals to small high school reunions.” And any cancer-related event gets the service for fee.
More info below in the press release:

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[ 6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on A major Malware virus to hit the Internet Monday; here’s how to be safe ]

Monday, July 9, has been called “Internet Doomsday” because there is a chance to that several hundreds of thousands of users won’t be able to use the internet then.
Well, a group of international hackers ran an online advertising scam and took control of more than a half million computers around the world once they became infected. The FBI went after the hackers in late 2011, only to find out if they turned off the bad …

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[ 5 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Ford bullish on 2013 Taurus restyle, options ]

Ford set the automotive industry on its collective ear when it introduced the 1986 Taurus sedan in late 1985.
The chiefs at the other car companies dismissed it as being too radical and the public wouldn’t go for it. Wrong. It was a huge hit, so much so that others tried to follow too quickly and came up with messes and misses.
By the 2000s every company had gotten it right and the Taurus was an afterthought. …