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[ 25 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Caddy’s ATS is one special sports sedan ]

Well, well, what’s this? Cadillac makes a serious push into the luxury compact sedan segment.
Yes, that’s right. If you haven’t heard, the ATS is the real deal. It’s done so right that Audi, BMW Lexus and Infiniti need to take notice.
The ATS is so strong it was voted automobile of the year at the North American Auto show a few months back. After sampling a couple of these beauties I have to say the folks …

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[ 25 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on 4K HD is here. Do you want it? Do you care? ]

Like your 1080p television? Good, It’s obsolete and it’s not 3D, it’s 4K HD that’s the culprit.
Yes, as I write, the first sets are available on line and at select retailers. It has a resolution four times that of 1080p sets, or so says the folks who make them. It’s hard to really tell because there is not much content available to watch. Heck, there’s nothing that’s broadcast in 1080p, much less 4K HD.
Sony seems …