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[ 30 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Turbo diesel Beetle is great hybrid option ]

Volkswagen’s Beetle was in need of a makeover, a style update. The “new” Beetle was getting long in the tooth and sales were beginning to fade. How could the company keep the car’s originality and give it an update that, well, updated the car?
Easily, apparently. The current new Beetle is more handsome, more practical and just more better.
Bad grammar aside, the Beetle has been lengthened and widened. The fenders have been sliced off somewhat to …

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[ 12 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on 2013 Escalade offers luxury; new model prepped ]

I didn’t know Cadillac still made an Escalade so imagine my delight when rolled up for review at
Yes, the Escalade was once the luxury item to have. Athletes, actors, rappers and anyone who wanted to be seen as chic drove an Escalade. It wasn’t the first, but it eventually snatched the premium SUV title from Lincoln’s Navigator (it’s still around).
You can also argue that the Escalade is the vehicle that put Caddy on its …

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[ 3 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Jaguar’s XJ is world class luxury sedan ]

You’ve probably heard that owing certain cars puts you in the lap of luxury. I believe you can successfully make the argument that the Jaguar XJ is luxury’s lap itself.
It’s not a hard argument. Jaguar has always known how to make exquisite cars and this is one of the world’s best. Seriously. The design, execution and presentation of this comely beast is near perfect.
The exterior is really something. It scores a 9.8 on the gawk …