Month: July 2013

QX56 is spacious, comfortable Infiniti offering

There are large luxury SUVs and then there’s the Infiniti QX56 which tips the scales on the gigantic side. There’s probably bigger. Caddy’s Escalade comes in a Suburban length version but somehow this QX56 comes across more massive. You have to step up into this thing and it feels really wide. Well, it is really

LS 460 F-Sport good addition to Lexus stable

When Lexus introduced the LS in 1989 as a 1990, the rules of the automotive industry changed. It was undeniably smooth, uncompromisingly crafted and an unqualified hit. Yes, the Japanese could go a step above Acura and purposely compete with the big dogs. Twenty-four years later Lexus may have lost a little luster int he

Hyundai Veloster gets more velocity for 2013

Hyundai’s Veloster created a huge buzz in 2012. Was there finally a snazzy coupe that delivered that elusive sporty feeling at a really good price? Yes and no. Yes, the price was right and the looks were good. No, the four-cylinder didn’t deliver the punch for some so it was a base hit instead of

Warner Bros. and DC Comics Paradox movie a hit

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Starring: Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, Michael B. Jordan, Cary Elwes, Dana Delany, C. Thomas Howell and Nathan Fillion Warner Bros. Animation Blu-ray Warner Bros. finally got a DC super hero film other than Batman right with the success of Man Of Steel this summer. The company has never had that problem

XF is Jaguar’s entry into sports sedan fray

The sport sedan segment is crowded with good looking cars that look alike and perform nearly identically. That’s not such a bad thing if you like being like everyone else. Aren’t you glad there’s a Jaguar and it builds the XF? The XF is certainly a sports sedan that doesn’t look like anything else on

Chevy Tahoe still useful in crossover world

For those who love Cadillac’s blinged-out Escalade but hate the steep price may I turn your attention to the Chevrolet Tahoe, the basis for Caddy’s beast. The Tahoe is the same size as the Escalade with the same towing capacity but loses many of the Caddy’s amenities. That’s not totally bad because you can equip