Month: March 2014

WRX grows up without losing youthfulness

Subaru’s WRX has been known for it’s all-out raw performance at a somewhat budget price. It’s the kind of car that enthusiasts love because it is so raw. So what happens when Subaru decides to give it a good ride along with all that performance. Heresy? Not quite. The 2015 (yes already) WRX has gained

IS350 F-Sport shows Lexus has lots of life

A few years ago I thought Lexus had lost its mojo. It always built cars that were great value in the luxury field as well as those which you could drive the wheels off, buy new tires and drive for another dozen years or so. Yet, the SC 300 was the last true sexy thing

Fiesta ST is fiery, fuel efficient hatchback

Ford’s Fiesta  has enjoyed much success during its second run as a vehicle for the company. Small cars with good gas mileage and a willing spirit for the driver are all the rage. That’s why Ford keeps tinkering with the Fiesta. How do you make a good thing great? How about adding a 197 horsepower