Month: July 2014

Audi Q7 loaded with luxury but showing its age

  The luxury SUV market has become a very crowded field. There’s hardly a marque that doesn’t have such a vehicle or plan to have such a vehicle within the next couple of years. There are some really good ones. The Audi Q7 is one of those good ones. Yes, it has its age issues

Porsche Cayman S more than budget Carrera

Porsche. Say the name and you think of sports cars – the sports car. Well, usually that sports car is the 911 Carrera, but hey, it is the Porsche. The company offers so much more, however. The redesigned 2014 Cayman S is more wonderful than ever and is nearly as rewarding as the top-dog Porsche.

Lexus ES350 is still good entry level choice

Lexus is continuing its promise to offer more stylish automobiles to consumers. Each of it’s automobiles (and some trucks) have been touched up to have a family resemblance. It’s that spindle grille. Some hate it but, hey, you now know a Lexus when you see one. The ES 350 has certainly benefited. It’s mostly been

Toyota gives Corolla needed youthful infusion

When Toyota took the wraps off of the 2014 Corolla some time ago there should have been a collective gasp. Were our eyes playing tricks on us or were we seeing something, well, stylish and youngish? Yes, we did and do see such. The boxy, yet dependable Corolla has been transformed into something that fits