Defender series no longer Otterbox’s best iPhone case (kind of)

apl28-alp100-6n-1For years, we’ve been huge fans of the Otterbox Defender series cases for any iPhone or Android device. They don’t have the waterproof protection of the LifeProof series, but the rubberized outer shell combined with the hard plastic inner-shell made for a thick, but comfortable case that you didn’t worry about when your device fell from your lap getting out the car or slipped from your hand while you got distracted getting a package from the mailman.

But it was awful thick.

Otterbox has an answer and the new Symmetry Case is something that Defender fans need to look at and folks who always thought Defender was cool but was too thick need to look at, too.

It’s got a tough outer shell made of a plastic type material. Coming from using a Defender for many years, it felt slick at first, but it quickly became comfortable.

Over time, I’ve come to admire how thin it is. The iPhone 6 Plus I’m toting is very thin to start with and this case takes advantage of that. Often when I pick it up, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is a thin phone,’ and then I remember it’s also thin inside of an Otterbox case.

Now the Symmetry series doesn’t have the built-in plastic screen cover that adorns the Defender. Some folks don’t like it because it reduces accuracy of the touchscreen. But it also protects it.

The Symmetry has raised edges to protect the screen in case of a fall, but I never felt completely comfortable with just that, so I tacked on a glass screen protector:

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New Apple operating system has a bluetooth bug

Apple has released an update to its computer operating system, called Yosemite. The update, OS X 10.10.3, brings many updates, including a new Photos app that is very similar to Photos on the iPad and iMacBookPro_Yosemite_Hero_HEROPhone. It’s also got some security updates.

Many readers of ADT and throughout the Internet have complained about a bluetooth issue. Bluetooth devices were not being recognized and users were unable to turn on bluetooth.

A fix, sent to us by several readers, involves resetting your computer while holding down Command, Option and the P and R keys, something called “resetting your PRam.” When you hear the normal Apple re-boot sound, hold down the buttons until your hear it again. Then let go.

For us, and for several readers, resetting PRam solved the bluetooth issues. And for the record, we kind of like the new Photos app, too. It can send all your photos — and any edits you make — to all your devices.регистратор и антирадар в одномBinary Option live Signals