2016 Chevy Camaro SS is job well done

2016 Camaro SS
2016 Camaro SS

Chevy and Ford would like you to think there is a war going on between the Camaro and Mustang. I say there isn’t.
I say that because people who like Mustangs like Mustangs. The same with Camaro fans. Yes, one may outsell the other for a while but then the other takes over and, well, you know the rest.
I’m sure Chevy will experience a big sales surge with this 2016 Camaro. This car is good to look at, a blast to drive and built better than any other Camaro ever.
Let’s look at it’s looks, shall we? The 2016 SS has been hammered, chiseled, shortened and to a point crushed a bit. It has a lower profile and is wider and meaner looking. There’s a tad bit of Corvette in the grille but I see more Lexus spindle than anything. Not a bad thing for me, but a bunch of auto journalist don’t like that look. This is actually smaller than the 2015 because they wanted something lighter and more nimble.
Chevy, mission accomplished.
Does that mean you have less interior space? Yes, but who buy’s a sport’s car for space? It’s tight for dumpy builds like mine and not forgiving for someone six foot four like my friend who complained but his head didn’t touch the headliner. It was close, however. Let’s call the interior cozy. It’s also nicely finished. Chevy has used high quality materials and an ergonomic design to make the interior inviting. The large touch screen is good and one of the options is Apple’s Car Play. It essentially turns the screen into your iPhone. It worked well, but it’s a bit intrusive at times. Apple likes being the center of attention and it shuts off bluetooth and a few other things while engaged. More on Car Play in a separate article to follow.

Interior is nicely finished
Interior is nicely finished

The backseat is for children or cargo. The trunk holds enough stuff but if its non essential stuff you can throw it in the back seat. At the back of the center armrest console is a wireless phone charger which is optional.
My test vehicle was a 2SS model. That comes with ambient LED lighting to set a mood or just look cool – whichever you desire. A lot of cars are doing this now because it’s cool and LED lighting is inexpensive to use.
There is also a premium Bose stereo with satellite radio. If you like, you can turn your Camaro into a rolling hotspot for the plethora of devices we can’t live without. Actually, you can only connect seven but that’s plenty considering you can’t get seven people in this vehicle.
OK, so it looks good and seems to be built well but how does this thing drive?
Glad you asked. If speed is your thing you will be satisfied, amazed, wowed, pleased and every other positive adjective I can think of. The SS comes with a 6.2-liter V8 that makes 455 horsepower and 455 pounds-feet of torque. With the standard short throw six-speed you can hit 60 miles per hour in 4.0 seconds. You may ask why a Corvette, then? Answer: have you seen a Corvette lately? That car is a sexy beast.
When you hit the Camaro’s accelerator, it will press you deep into the seats. A fury of energy is released and that dual exhaust sings a mighty tune. The handling is superb. Throw it around a cure with force and ti digs in and stays planted. You can adjust the suspension to a track setting and you really get to know just how capable a car you have. This Camaro simple devours pavement without sweating. Steering, braking and handling were top priority in development and I’d say Chevy got it right.
I do quibble about the gear box, though. It has that 1-4 shift thing. Sometimes it forces you to engage fourth gear immediately after first. It can be annoying if you really don’t need to be in that gear and you have to downshift. However, the more time I spent with the car the less that happened.
Any other gripes? Well, the greenhouse is kinda squinty. I can’t say the car is hard to see out of, but it can feel a tad

claustrophobic. Just a tad. There is that gas mileage thing. I’m glad fuel is cheap because this thing likes premium fuel a good deal. Highway driving isn’t so bad. You may get close to 30. I averaged about 16 miles per gallon in the city, which isn’t terrible for the monster of an engine you get, but be warned.
Anything else? No. I found the 2016 Camaro SS to be very enjoyable. You could always move up to the Corvette if this isn’t enough power or style, but I think you may have to open up your wallet a lot wider if you make that choice.
How much is this beast? I didn’t get a window sticker. I went to Chevy’s website to build one and came up with $43,840. I don’t know if I added all the options or if there were packages so that’s a rough estimate.
If there is a real war between the Mustang and Camaro Chevy just loaded up some heavy artillery to take into battle. I’m a Mustang guy but I’s consider this Camaro SS. It’s got a lot going for itself for the money, if you want to spend that kind of money. Bravo, Chevy, bravo.

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