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[ 12 May 2016 | Comments Off on Madden 17 visuals are absolutely incredible ]

The new Madden trailer is out and the graphics are getting downright scary good.
New cover boy Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots is featured in actual game footage that is long way from the Coleco-Vision games of the past.
This will really fool you into believing it’s the real thing.

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[ 4 May 2016 | Comments Off on Captain America: Civil War proves Marvel really, really knows how to make a big comic book movie ]

By their nature, comic book movies are not supposed to be candidates to be epic, memorable films. They are meant to be in the toy and candy aisle of the movie theater supermarket, instantly filling or instantly fun, but ultimately something you put down when it’s time to get serious about nourishing your mind or serious about nourishing your body.
Only “Captain America: Civil War,” the year’s first satisfying “big” super hero film, succeeds as a …