2KSports’ NBA 2K13 is the best basketball game ever, 12-year-old critic claims

By popular demand we’ve brought back the 12-year-old critic. We’ll be turning him loose on video games, basketball shoes and other sorts of tech stuff that kids are into. His expert opinion is a little different than your average 45 or 46 year old bloke trying to figure out what the green button does on the controller.

So we turned him loose on 2K Sports’ new NBA sim, NBA 2K13.  The game was executive produced by rapper and music mogul Jay-Z, who helped pull together the game’s soundtrack and helped with the visual “feel” of the game. He also helped get the ’92 Dream Team digitized into the game, so you can play the ’92 guys against the 2012 team (not sure why folks even brought that up for discussion; ’92 by 20).

To our eyes, this is a very visually appealing game. It looks quite close to a TNT or ESPN television broadcasts with very loud and realistic sounds and cheering. Players mimic their real-life counterparts, down to LeBron James tossing that white powder into the air or James Harden running down the court after a 3, nearly dragging three fingers on the floor. You can even go into the NBA Draft mode and wear an ugly suit onto the podium to meet NBA commissioner David Stern.

NBA 2K13 doesn’t miss a trick.

For the 12-year-old Critic it all added up to a very satisfying experience. His review:

NBA 2K13 is out and rolling.

NBA 2K13 is the best basketball game I have seen yet.

First lets start out with gameplay and controls. I really love the gameplay and the new control stick. I like the new control stick because I feel like it is easier to make dribble moves, make people fall and go to the hospital because of a sprained ankle. The game play and graphics are amazing.

The game feels like real life.

The physics and animations they put in the game are great. There is no more of that changing shot stuff when you go into the paint. It’s very cool.

One game mode I like is My Career. It’s an new change from last year. You have a social media page where you can see what fans and other players think about you. You also have this new thing called signature skills. It will upgrade your skill by a little bit more so you can do better on the court.

Also you can go to Legends Training Camp and learn from the greats even MJ. My Player has been inverted into where you pick your dress for Game Day Arrival, the Game, and My Player Blacktop. My player blacktop is where you can take your own my player and put him up against other people’s my players.

Another big change is the Virtual Currency. Instead of using skill points you use Virtual Currency (VC) to upgrade attributes. You can earn VC by doing any game mode in the game. You get so much VC for each thing you do. Its a great fun new way to play the game.

The last real big change is a game mode called My Team. It is where you start of with terrible NBA players and you try to progress your team until they become really good. This mode is like Connected Careers on Madden 13 if you play as a coach. This mode is really fun but requires a lot of VC so save up if you want to enjoy this mode.

NBA 2K13 is the best NBA game ever. I give this game a 9.5/10 rating. This game is really fun to play and a must buy. Have Fun!

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