Apple announces support for Dolby Atmos on Apple TV. Does that mean new hardware’s coming, too?

At its annual developers conference Monday, Apple announced a feature that fans of its streaming TV box have long waited for.

Apple is bringing Dolby Atmos sound to the Apple TV. What is Atmos? If you’ve gone to a newer movie theater lately, you may’ve already heard Atmos — fuller, more robust, almost like the sound is wrapping around you in a tent. With the proper equipment, you can replicate this feeling in your home.

You have to a have a soundbar or home theater setup that is Atmos capable, with up-firing speakers to send sounds bouncing off the ceiling and walls.

When Apple delivers the update this fall, it will also updates movies in its iTunes store to add the proper codecs. It’ll also upgrade any movies you’ve already purchased with the Atmos update for free.

But this all got us to thinking.

Apple doesn’t have a Dolby Atmos speaker at present. Perhaps the current HomePod can do Atmos, as it has a range of small speakers built into its structure, but in its presentation Apple clearly referenced an Atmos-Ready sound bar as perhaps the best and easiest way to get into the game.

Currently, companies like Samsung and Pioneer are producing Atmos-ready soundbars, but with Apple now entering the next-gen sound game, wouldn’t make sense for them to also release, say a HomeBar, too?