Apple releases a new Smart Case — that covers the back of iPad, too

One of the coolest little things Apple ever put out was the Smart Cover for iPad. It allowed the front glass to get protected and would fold up to allow you to prop up the device, and when you closed the cover, it also put the device to sleep.

The only problem was it didn’t cover the back of the iPad. Of course, many manufacturers, like Belkin, stepped in with products to cover the back that worked in conjuction with the SmartCover. Problem? It was like buying two cases, or it was exactly like buying two cases.

Apple today announced a new version that covers the front and back of the iPad. You can still buy the Smart Cover, but now the Smart Cover has a big brother: the Smart Case.

The iPad Smart Case covers your iPad — both front and back — yet still retains the thin, light design of iPad. Like the Smart Cover, it folds easily into a stand for reading, typing, and watching video. And it automatically wakes and sleeps iPad on open and close. Made from polyurethane, it’s available in six bright colors. And you can personalize it with free laser engraving on the Apple Online Store.

It costs $49 and comes in six colors, all poly, no leather, and from the photos on Apple’s website, it doesn’t look  half bad either.

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