Apple to hold iPhone press conference Oct. 5? Release Oct. 12?

The Apple rumor mill is running hot and heavy right now, as we approach what most industry analysts feel is the dawn of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s.

PocketGamer reports today that a source indicates that Apple will hold its annual iPhone press conference on Oct. 5, a Wednesday, with a release date one week later.

If nothing else, Apple has done a better job of keeping most folks in the dark about the exact features of the iPhone 5 or even what it’ll look like. Most reports of a “similar form factor” to iPhone 4 seem to about a cheaper upcoming iPhone 4S.

There are other reports saying the iPhone 4S will be in heavy supply, but the iPhone 5, rumored to be thinner with a larger screen, better battery and camera, might suffer from delays into next year.GSM-камераGSM-камераsearch optimisation продажасправка в свободной формеLuvion Essentialонлайн оптимизация сайта