Apple to introduce new iPhone 5 at media event Oct. 4

New Apple CEO Tim Cook will have his public debut, of sorts, when he steps on stage Oct. 4 to introduce one of the most anticipated products in the company’s history, the latest edition of the iPhone.

All Things D reported this morning, via sources, that Apple executives had targeted Oct. 4, a Tuesday, to hold a media news conference to show off the new phone and the new hardware, iOS5, that powers it. The OS had previously been demoed by former CEO Steve Jobs last June.

All Things D notes that these dates could change, but they fall into the general window that most tech sites, including this one, had speculated around — which was sometime in late September or early October. Sources tell ATD that the plan is to make the new device available within a few weeks following the press conference.

With Jobs announcing his resignation in late August, this will be Cook’s first big product debut as the new Apple head man. Jobs was known for, and revered for, his skill at debuting new products, often using terms like “magical” to describe the products, and often finishing demos by assuring Apple fans that the device “just works” while wearing his trademark black turtleneck and blue jeans.

Cook has never been the lead guy for a presentation before, but with his new role, it seems likely that he will at least be a major part of this one. Business-wise, Cook seems to be doing well. Apple’s stock is trading at $419.05 per share this morning, which are record levels, and is up $1.35.

Anticipation is extra high for this iPhone for a few reasons: Apple didn’t release the fifth-gen phone in the June window, as it has generally done in the past; Jobs is gone; and there are rumors that, for the first time, Apple will introduce two iPhones: a larger screen iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S that is similar to the current iPhone 4 but faster and cheaper.

Will iPhone 5 come with a 4-inch screen? Will iPhone 4S be free with contract? Will Sprint and T-Mobile get the phones? Will they come in white at launch?

All these questions, and others, should be answered Oct. 4.



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