AT&T to stream DNC to mobile devices

AT&T has launched a new mobile app for this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, similar to one it had for the RNC in Tampa last week.

The app provides schedules, maps and will stream live video (watch your data caps, of course). It has social media integrated so you can tweet and “like” right from the app.

AT&T says it views DNC goers, goers from both parties, like “a sports fan who is both engaging with the event as it happens, but also checking stats and sharing moments with friends and family back home.”

AT&T says it invested $625 million in its Charlotte-area networks to provide robust coverage during the DNC (and Charlotteans will keep most of it when its gone). Other temporary enhancements include up to 10 temp cell sites on wheels to improve coverage in key locations and up to 12 outdoor distributed antenna solutions to improve street level coverage.

A&T also launched a huge new WiFi hotspot in uptown Charlotte, where the bulk of the convention will take place and its added 180 extra layers of frequency to give users faster downloads and fewer dropped calls. AT&T equates this to adding lanes on a freeway to ease congestion.

Additional App Features:

Downloading photos and streaming live videos of all speakers in real-time
An archive of convention-related blog posts and press releases.

A “favorites” feature, which allows users to bookmark their favorite photos and videos to create a sort of virtual scrapbook of their convention experience.

A local guide to dining and other attractions in the areas, plus maps of and directions to all the convention venues

Functioning on Apple iOS and Android operating systems, along with a mobile web version

You can take a look at both of the apps here: and


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