Best Android smartphone you can buy? Sorry Samsung, it’s HTC M8

HTC's M8 One Smartphone
HTC’s M8 One smartphone

The folks at Verizon were nice enough to send us the latest HTC smartphone for review and the M8 doesn’t disappoint. In fact, we find it to be the best Android smartphone your money can buy.

The phone was launched last spring as the successor the HTC One, which was the best selling smartphone in the company’s history.  It combined gorgeous good looks with quality build design and the new version picks up where the original left off.

Aesthetically, you won’t find a better-looking phone. It is a touch slippery but has a nice aluminum body and rounded back. It’s pretty. It feels good in the hand and the 5-inch display is bright, clear and, frankly, breathtaking. It’s among the best in class.IMG_0623

Battery life? Pretty good. Putting the phone through its paces, pretty hard, we were consistently able to get 7-8 hours of use. We love the ability to use the phone’s radio frequency chip to use as a remote control for your home theater, and the set-up screen is simple to use and something that dedicated universal remote makers should take a long look at.

The phone has a very fast  processor that can handle everything you throw at it, graphic intensive games or multi-tasking and those games look great on this screen. Verizon also has a cool NFL app that allows you to watch NFL Network or even live games (for a fee, of course).

HTC M8 beside iPhone 6 Plus
HTC M8 beside iPhone 6 Plus

Taking the NFL with you is kind of neat, although it may run up your data bill quite a bit if you’re not on WiFi, but Verizon’s network delivered stutter free Peyton Manning and we were able to watch the game while in the grocery, at the mall and visiting a friend. Honey-do Sundays take on new meaning with a phone like this.

We tested the Android version of this phone, but Windows fans can pick up a version that will display those live tiles very, very well.

This phone has a lot of cool stuff built in. Let’s see:

1. You can answer a phone call by just raising phone to your ear.

2. You can activate the screen with a swipe downward.

3. The sound from this thing is better than any other phone we’ve ever tested. The front-facing speakers at the top and bottom of the phone will have you skipping those speaker add-on thingies at the local Wal-Mart.

4. The camera is really good. It’s got dual flash and really good auto-focus, so even Captain Shaky Hands can get a good shot almost every time. Ditto the video camera.

Call quality on Verizon’s network where we tested it — in our home base of beautiful Charlotte and on a field trip to Tennessee — was solid and voice calls were clear.

There’s just not much to dislike.

If you’re an Android or Windows type of phone lover, this is definitely one you should look at. For us, it’s the best Android smartphone money can buy.

The folks at Verizon also sent five cases to help promote Verizon’s NFL partnership. We’ve got five Otterbox defenders: two iPhone 5/5C cases. One is adorned with a Dolphins logo. The other with the Panthers.

We’ve also got three Samsung Galaxy S5 cases: two with Panthers logos and one with the Patriots.

We’re giving away all five. Send an email to with your case preference and we’ll randomly select a winner.


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