Blue Mic teases new headphones, reveals condenser mic at NAMM 2014

We managed to nab a fleeting shot of Blue Mic's soon-to-be-released Mo-Fi mobile headphones.
We managed to nab a fleeting shot of Blue Mic’s soon-to-be-released Mo-Fi mobile headphones.

This AllDayTech reporter–and proud owner of a Bluebird Microphone–just had to stop by the Blue Mic booth at the 2014 NAMM show to see their latest.

First up was a sneak peak at their new Mo-Fi headphone technology, scheduled for release this spring. Mo-Fi stands for mobile fidelity, which the company describes as “liberating digital music from overhyped playback to true mobile hi-fi on any device.” We were ushered into a darkened private viewing room for an audio and visual tour that illustrated the limitations of older audio technologies before the space filled with lush, bright Mo-Fi sound. The tease offered only a fleeting glimpse of what we think will be the new headphones but during the video presentation we managed to nab the photo accompanying this piece. We look forward to seeing its full unveiling in a few months.

Next we stepped back onto the show floor to check out Blue’s new “Hampton” small-diaphragm condenser microphone. The company’s booth representative told us the Hampton, which is promised to capture plenty of warmth and detail, is designed to mic instruments both live and in the studio.

Blue says the Hampton is perfectly for miking in pairs, which makes it ideal for setups that require multiple mics, miking drums, stereo XY setups and more. The Hampton is expected to be offered as both a single microphone and a matched pair. The matched pair will include a mounting tree in addition to standard mic clips.

“We are introducing the rotating head for easy adjustment, without having to reconfigure your mic stands,” said a Blue Microphones spokesperson.  “We built Hampton around the renowned B1 small diaphragm capsule then introduced something new for today’s touring and studio musicians.”

The Hampton retails for $299.

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