Cadillac CTS-V wagon worthy of sport reference


Is there a need for a 556 horsepower, supercharged V8 station wagon that starts at $63,215?

2012 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Of course not. Am I glad Cadillac makes such a vehicle?

Hail yeah!

The fact that any car manufacturer has the nerve to do this is refreshing. That Cadillac, as American as you can get company, does it is just so right. The CTS-V Wagon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Or is that chic clothing? This is one of the baddest station wagons on the planet, if not the baddest. It’s handsome on its own, but add in those special body bits and you’ve got an attention getter. The optional yellow brake calipers peaking out from those black rims  scream come get me.

If that’s what you plan to do, you need to be driving something outrageously fast. This thing not only hauls five people comfortably, it will haul its comely ass to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. In my best Darth Vader voice: Impressive. Very impressive.

The V-rated sport wagon achieves this fete by borrowing the Corvette ZR1 engine. At 556 horses and 551 pounds-feet of torque, there is little in its class to compare this thing. Yes, there is a manual transmission  – six speeds – which works wonderfully. The clutch takes a bit getting used to, but that’s a matter of moments. The exhaust note is thunderous and at the same time pleasing.

Power without control isn’t much of anything, so GM has given this Caddy the proper chassis to make sure it uses all this power wisely. You would think this car is well suited for a track. It is. You can sling it and fling it about your favorite road course and be satisfied. Very satisfied. Handling, braking, steering? It’s all there, in truck loads. Yet, if say a hip grandmother or mother just wanted this thing to look good while taking the kids to soccer practice in relative comfort, each could. The ride is stiff enough for driving enthusiasts, but not beat-you-to-death stiff.

Interior has blue LED lighting and sharp styling

Of course it would be almost blasphemous to treat this car in such a docile manner. It begs to be driven hard, harder and, well, more harder. Most will do so, with reckless abandon, but safely. Those big brakes (with all the electronic goodies), quick steering and gobs of reserve power and pull you out of many a bad situation.

The interior is much like all Cadillacs these days – modern and comfortable. The sports-articulated seats (Recaro) are grippy (as well as cooled and heated) and useful when slinging this thing around a curve. The Bose stereo system is wonderful, employing DTS, surround, satellite radio and navigation. Everything was standard except for the Recaro seats ($3,4000), crystal red tintcoat ($995), midnight sapele wood trim ($600) and yellow calipers ($595).

Throw in destination and the onetime gas guzzler tax ($1,300) and the as-tested price hits $70,980. That is a lot of cash for a station wagon. Yep, sure is.

Is it worth it? That all up to you. I can tell you if I was in the market for a uber station wagon I don’t know if anything else would make the list. The CTS-V Wagon is one of those things that isn’t needed but highly coveted, with much emphasis on the word coveted. I. Love. This. Car.



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