New HZO Waterblock coating protects your smartphone from moisture

If you’ve ever dropped your mobile phone in water, you know the feeling of dread, followed by the trip to the store to find out how much that slip will cost you.

That’s what makes a new waterproofing technology from HZO Inside so appealing. The company has developed “Waterblock,” a coating applied to the components inside a device that shields them from water. It’s currently focusing the tech on consumer electronics.

HZO “Waterblock” debuted on Good Morning America Tuesday to a nationally televised audience. GMA reporters Lara Spencer and Becky Worley dropped a Waterblock-treated iPhone into a tank of water as it played the song “Showdown” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Even submerged, Fergie kept on singing.

The company says its technology is coming soon to, which makes invisible shield covers for smartphones. It will be interesting to see if any smartphone manufacturers adopt it as well. After my 7-year-old ruined his six-week-old iPod Touch last year with an accidental drop into the toilet, I can appreciate the benefit of having this kind of tech.

Below is a video of how Waterblock works:

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