Could T-Mobile iPhone 5, if T-Mobile has iPhone 5, be the fastest iPhone 5 of all?

Despite all the rumors about what the iPhone might look like — faster, bigger, even two versions of it — we have yet to see an invitation from Apple to a media event or received any confirmation that such a phone exists.

We’ve also heard rumors that the phone would include 4G LTE and other rumors suggesting it would not.

Personally, we feel Apple needs to have a 4G/LTE/WiMax version of the phone, if nothing else to measure up to the competition. No, 4G isn’t everywhere, but it’s in enough places that people are beginning to try — and like — it.

Verizon is adding markets everyday and AT&T is lighting up five new markets Sunday. By the time iPhone 6 rolls around, whether that’s June 2012 or September/October 2012, the Androids and Windows phones running 4G will be plentiful and Apple will be left painfully cycles behind.

Also with these latest 4G phones, we’re beginning to see some pretty impressive battery life times, and battery life is generally considered the one big reason Apple might stay away from a 4G LTE model.

Now, let’s assume that new Apple head man Tim Cook still isn’t comfortable with the design compromises having a true 4G iPhone would require, as he said when the company launched its Verizon iPhone version last winter. Imagine if the iPhone 5 or 4S or whatever it is called is only a 3G version.

If that’s the case, and assuming it comes to T-Mobile, the T-Mobile version could be the fastest one. T-Mobile’s 3.5 G network, which it touts as 4G, gets much faster speeds than AT&T’s faux 4G in many markets and Sprint and Verizon’s 3G networks are much slower. AT&T’s standard 3G network, in terms of sheer speed, has been shown to run circles around Sprint and Verizon. Note, we’re not saying more reliable, we’re just saying speed.

And if iPhone is only 3G, T-Mobile’s version would be the Road Runner of Apple’s world. That fact alone could equal new ads for the girl in the wide dresses and a lot of new ads touting “America’s fastest 4G network.”пьяный водитель трезвый водительвидеорегистратор blackvue 550продвижение сайта россияLINZ W453цены на туры в болгарию 2014Ташкент укладка художественного паркета ценамуха цеце фотофлюорография справка образецProline