Customers, some seeking money and promotion, camp out for iPhone 5

Would you camp out for an iPhone 5?

CNN/Money image

Well, given you can set you alarm for 3 a.m. EST and try to fight through the web traffic to order one, maybe you don’t have to, but around the world, fans are lining up to camp out for tickets.

And not all of them are there simply to get their hands on Apple’s newest device, which is selling like hotcakes.

There are two men camping out near the Apple Store in London’s Covenant Garden hoping to raise money for cancer research.
iPhone 5 release date already has customers in line at NYC Apple store

In New York, according to CNN Money, the first two people to start camping were there to promote an app called Vibe, which is a social media start-up. The next four were being paid.

The third and fourth people in line were actually the first two people in line for the iPhone 4S. They are Jessica Mellow, 27, and Keenen Thompson, 22. In addition to blogging about the experience, the pair is being paid and sponsored by Gazelle, a company that buys old iPhones in advance of new releases.

The next three people in line also got sponsored by Gazelle, so they will each get a free iPhone 5. Two of the people are musicians named Brian Ceballo, 18, and Joseph Cruz, 19 who hope to gain exposure with the publicity surrounding the iPhone 5 release date. Jackie Lin, 15, originally planned to sell his spot in line to somebody else who wanted it but didn’t have time to stand in line for it. However, now that he’s getting a free iPhone 5, he will stay in line and keep the new phone for himself.


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