North American Auto Show debuts Fusion, Dart, Accord

2013 Ford Fusion

The North American International Auto Show (or Detroit Auto show as it was once known) ends this weekend with a plethora of new vehicles introduced by nearly every manufacturer.

Didn’t make it. Neither did I, but here’s a few things of interest. Some you’ll see soon at your favorite dealerships, others, well, if you scream loud enough, may be produced someday.

Ford introduced the 2013 Fusion to oohs and ahhhs. The outgoing Fusion was handsome, but this new sedan is stunning. Ford seems to be knocking the ball back into  Hyundai’s court with a resounding take that! There will be a hybrid, turbo engine options  and a V6. The interior is said to be as pleasing to look upon as well as functional. Ford Mytouch is said to be vastly improved.

Lincoln MKZ concept

Lincoln is finally injecting life into it’s aging lineup with a stylish MKZ concept, said to be the face of all future Lincolns. The company has addressed all of the car’s vices and improved its virtues. The grille may not be for everyone but the car certainly has more style.

Smart, the maker of tiny winy cars, introduced what I thought to be a convertible (and it was) but turns out to be an SUV. Yep. The Smart-For-Us has a 75 hp electric motor that has much torque which Smart says will help propel the car to 60 in the five-second range. That could be anywhere from 4.9 (doubtful) to 7.0 (probable) seconds. Green is in, but will Smart buyers go for this? Aren’t SUVs the antithesis of what Smart’s about. Jon Lovitz introduced the car. Remember the Pathological Liar from Saturday Night Live? Maybe not the best choice if you are trying to persuade someone to buy your product. It’s still only a concept.

Honda showed off the Accord Coupe Concept which is supposed to look very close to the 2013 Accord. So why not show the actual car? It’s Honda. That’s what it does. The actual car will be smaller than the current Accord which was classified as a large car, not midsize. Honda thinks the car’s girth hurt sales. It will be at least as roomy as the current Toyota Camry, offer four, six and turbo engines and a hybrid version. There will be a coupe as well. Look for many options and more standard equipment available.


Dodge will try its hand at small cars again with the Dart, which, thankfully, doesn’t have anything to do with the old Dart. It’s a stylish, thoroughly modern take on the small car. Expect 3 different four cylinder engines with lively performance, ranging from 164 hp to 184 hp. The interior is for the young or young at heart, featuring a configurable dash display, piping, a multi-touch screen and a high-quality looking finish. Dodge says it has midsize room in a compact. If Dodge CEO and designer Ralph Giles had a hand in this I’m sure it will.

And yes, I have to mention the comely Lexus LF-LC concept which won the Eyes On Design award at the show. This is a concept but scream VERY loudly. I want Lexus to make this and bring it in under $100,000.

Lexus LF-LC and designers











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