DirecTV launches Nomad TV service

DirecTV NomadDirecTV’s long-awaited Nomad TV service has launched today.  It’s not a streaming service like Slingbox, so you can’t watch live DirecTV content, but Nomad will allow you to watch anything that’s recorded on your DVR on up to five connected mobile or PC devices. On its website, DirecTV lists the cost of the device at $149. There’s also a monthly fee of $5 to use the service.

With most cellular providers except Sprint removing unlimited data DirecTV feels that it’s method of delivering content to your devices over the home network will be a better solution than SlingBox, which uses data and also needs an internet connection to stream content. Nomad uses no data since the content is loaded into your device’s hard drive, very Apple-like. That’s fine by us, but we would like to see DirecTV allow streaming of its live content, via the home network WiFi, as well.

As it is, Nomad lets customers watch recorded shows and movies from their HD DVRs on their cell phones, laptops or tablet computers. It can automatically make new shows available to view on your devices as soon as the DVR records them and it is compatible with PC, iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone version will work on iPad. DirecTV says Mac, Android and iPad-optimized version is launching soon.

To use Nomad, your DirecTV DVR must be connected to the internet with the Nomad unit plugged into your router via an ethernet cable. Mobile users will also need to download the DirecTV Nomad app. Shows will take about an hour to download and apparently can only be transferred to your device over your home network. After you get them downloaded, you can play the shows anywhere for up to 30 days from the time you moved them over.купить авто регистраторраскрутка сайта в интернете ценапродвижение рекламы в интернетевыбрать фонариккупить недвижимость за рубежомсковорода блинная чугуннаяТент от солнца Subaru для автосправка на физкультурупоисковые команды google