DR Neon Strings partners with Jamstar teaching app at NAMM 2014

DR Neon Strings announces partnership with Jamstar teaching app at 2014 NAMM Show
DR Neon Strings announces partnership with Jamstar teaching app at 2014 NAMM Show

DR Strings has teamed with Jamstar™, the developer of a new teaching app for guitar, to create The Color-Play Learning SystemTM. DR is offering its festively hued Neon strings in a multicolor set for use with the Jamstar™ app.

Jamstar describes itself as “a patent-pending audio recognition platform that can HEAR what students play via their device’s microphone and ANALYZE how they performed in real time, enabling them to improve quickly and effectively.”

We stopped by the booth, lured by the hypnotizing glow of DR’s Neon Strings. Those strings always draw us in. The Neon Strings and Jamstar™ partnership creates a physical and virtual package guitar students can use to learn both audibly and visually.

The Jamstar representative walked us through the basics. The app’s crisp, clean graphics were displayed on a widescreen TV during our demo. Each set of compatible DR Neon Strings contains six strings of different colors that match those shown on the app. The student strings her/his guitar with Neon Strings and can easily follow along with the app’s color-coordinated display on the screen. Jamstar’s on-screen action was responsive, accurate and the instruction to us felt intuitive.

Our resident former music instructor thinks the multicolored strings alone will hold particular appeal for younger students and will ease the learning curve even without the app for all students. The combination, however, wins a thumbs up from our crew.

Jamstar is patent-pending, available free for Macs, PCs and Android and iOS tablets and phones. The free DR NEON Multi-Color/Jamstar version includes more than 100 free lessons. The company spokesperson said Jamstar hopes to expand to include video platforms and other media in the future.

For more information, visit http://www.drstrings.com/#!jamstar/c1ay7
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