Early Chevy Sonics brake pads missing? Could be

2012 Chevy Sonic

You may find this as hard to believe as I, but some of the first Chevy Sonics built may be missing brake pads.

Yes, and the people who own them may not know they are missing.


According to the Associated Press, The Car Connection and a slew of others, General Motors is taking a look at 4,296 Sonics built to check if such a problem exists.

General Motors said a rental Sonic was undergoing warranty repair for noisy brakes when it was discovered either the inner or outer pad was missing.

How would one not know the brake pads were missing?

Well, if you never pressed the brakes harder than lightly you may not notice. Things will get a bit more dicey if you slam on the brakes. Stopping distances would increase greatly (as well as noise). No accidents have been reported (so far) but Chevy isn’t taking any chances. It will check the front brakes on the Sonics in question.(it’s got rear drums so the problem would be in the front). Chevy will also replace the pad, rotor and caliper if the pad is missing.

The problem was discovered in November but recall notices will not go out until Jan. 14, 2012, which is curious. Why haven’t those letters already gone to rental companies and Sonic owners? The Sonics in question were manufactured June 2, through November 21 at GM’s Orion Township plant in Michigan.

The Sonic has been has been hailed as GM’s success at finally making a great small car. Will reserve opinion until I drive the thing.


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