Five things we’d like to see in iPad 3

With all the hot news of the iPad 3 being announced March 7, it got us to thinking, what features would we like to see Apple include in its latest tablet? We’re skipping the improved screen, since it seems very likely the next iPad will have a super resolution “Retina Display” similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S.

So here’s our list:

1. USER SWITCHING: Yes, we know Apple would love to have households where there is one iPad per every four humans, but let’s be honest, it’s not realistic, especially in this economy. And how comfortable are parents letting their teens or tweens take the iPad into their rooms for long periods of time with Mom and Dads email, texts and other personal info on them? Not us.

Why not just add a user switching mode on the iPad that loads up each person’s profile, like on a computer?

2. iMESSAGE IMPROVEMENT: Right now, it’s complex and hard to get iMessage to work the way you really want it to. You want anyone who uses Apple’s new operating system for mobile devices, iOS5, to be able to text you and those texts show up on iPad and iPhone. Well, it doesn’t work that way.

You can’t get texts to a phone number on your iPad directly. People have to text your email address. Is there a way to make all texts to your phone number show up on iPad and iPhone? If it is, that would be awful sweet.

3. BETTER CAMERAS: The iPad 2’s cameras, contrary to popular opinion, aren’t terrible for the average user. We’ve been pretty well satisfied with the images and videos it produces, but it does need an upgrade. The iPhone 4S camera is so good we’ve just about given up on the good ol’ pocket shooter. Not many people are using the iPad as a primary camera, but hey, the best camera is the one you have, right? And we see a whole lot of folks out there with iPads simply attached to them like an extra limb.

4. BETTER HARDWARE: The new iPad needs to be lighter with a more durable back (and while we’re at it, can we get a new SmartCover that also covers the rear?). The current iPad is prone to scratches back there. The battery life is great on iPad, but we can always use more. And what about wireless charging? Are we there yet? We will likely see a speed and graphics bump with an expected A6 processing chip, too.

5. SIRI: It’s funny that bloggers seem to want to bash Siri or say they don’t use it. Siri is a serious leap ahead for cellphone tech and it belongs on the iPad. The list of things you can do with Siri’s voice recognition technology is long. And if nothing else, it’s a time saver, answering questions, setting reminders or alarms and calling someone for you. The whole reading your text in the car thing was enough to give it the Arthur Fonzarelli thumbs up. On iPad 3, make no mistake, Siri will (er would) rock.

Here are a few things Siri can do

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