Ford F-150 is a top dog luxury vehicle in hiding

2019 Ford F-150 Limited

Ford has ruled the truck world for decades with its “there’s a trim for that” F-150, which is one of the best trucks for the money. Sometimes it’s a lot of money, especially if you go for the top dog Limited trim.

That trim is what Ford let me drive for a week. When I tell you this truck was missing nothing but the kitchen sink, I’m serious. Yes, primarily this is something to pull stumps, haul mulch and fill with bags of fertilizer, but you can easily pull up to a swanky event and wow folks.

The Limited is the top of six trim levels. There’s also a Raptor but that’s a completely different animal. The Limited has everything the Platinum has as well as a 36 gallon gas tank, 22-inch wheels, blind spot detection, upgraded leather, B&O stereo, adaptive cruse control and wood and metal trim. The list for everything that’s standard could go on for paragraphs. 

Limited interior rivals some luxury cars.

The design for the current F-150 has been around since 2015 but still looks great. I love the grille with satin finished inserts. It looks clean and classy. The running boards are power operated and are tucked away when not needed. The large bed has LED lighting and a power operated lift gate. The rear window is power operated  and heated. The super crew cab version gets a two-piece sunroof that brings light to rear passengers.

I cannot say enough about the F-150’s interior. Some luxury cars don’t have it as good. There is plenty of metal and wood to satisfy any person’s luxury needs. The center stack gets an eight-inch touch screen which operates many of the truck’s entertainment and climate functions. Most will like the SYNC 3 system which gives you voice control over entertainment functions.

Seating is wonderfully comfortable. I love the captains seats up front which have lots of power adjustments. Each is also cooled and heated with ventilation. Head and legroom is generous, especially in the rear which will seat three comfortably. These seats are heated. There are plenty of cupholders and places to stick small items. If you don’t carry folks, the cab can hold a lot of stuff if you do not want to use the bed.

The Limited is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 which has twin turbo chargers. The engine makes 450 horsepower and 550 pounds-feet of torque. Do you need a truck for serious work? This would be the truck, so long as you don’t care about banging up the beautiful body. That much horsepower can tow a lot and haul a lot.

The powerful engine is mated to a 10-speed transmission which can be shifted manually. There’s really not much need to do so because it operates so smoothly. The transmission clicks through its gears without fuss or bother. It’s barely noticeable.

The steering is also surprisingly good. It’s boosted but allows some road feel. Braking is also acceptable.

I was again surprised as to how well the f-150 feels on the highway. The long wheelbase does make it a comfortable thing on a trip. It’s also more quiet than I expected. There is some wind and tire noise but not as much as a particular luxury SUV I recently drove. Handling? Well, again, this is a big truck but it never felt as large as it is. Well, not until I tried to park the thing. It’s big and requires a lot of space and room to maneuver. It’s not as scary as some trucks but you still need to be mindful.

Overall, I like the F-150 a great deal. If I needed a truck for work and something for everyday uses, this could be the ticket.

I doubt it would be this version, however. As much as I love this truck, it’s on the pricey side. The Limited’s base price is $67,135. There were $2,125 worth of options that included a bed liner, trailer tow package and tailgate step which did make the already desirable truck more desirable.

Add $1,495 for destination and the as-tested price for the Limited came to $70,775. Yikes! Still, loaded pickups sell for this much as well from Ram and Chevy, so it’s not so outrageous. 

You can buy a Lariat or some other trim package for much less, but if you are in to trucks with all the bells and whistles, the F-150 Limited has to be seen.


•Stately looking vehicle

•Plush interior

•Comfortable ride

•Best selling truck for years


•Who wants to bang up this truck?

•Price tag is in luxury vehicle category