Give up my busted BlackBerry for a snazzy new iPhone 4S? Eh, maybe

Apple iPhone 4SSo I’m sitting here eyeing my dilapidated BlackBerry 8900, contemplating the future. I already have several Apple products so an iPhone is the next logical leap. Everyone else seems to be doing some version of the iPhone these days–or the Droid, in lesser but no less passionate number. Yet I am immune to the siren call to quit slumming around 2009 and embrace the Right Now.

What’s my problem? I mean, we’re talking about the spanking new iPhone 4S–with SIRI, for goodness’ sake! Why would I have given a second thought to pulling the trigger on that preorder I started to place two weeks ago? Why have I yet to sweep through the doors of the nearest carrier to drop my tired old BlackBerry zero and get with that shiny new (OK, refreshed) iPhone 4S hero?

I’m out of contract, after all. I’m brand new to the iPhone. My BlackBerry’s battery is so fried I can use the phone only when it’s plugged in. In fact, it defiantly bricked itself for an hour this morning when I left my charger at home and refused to boot from its USB cable. I had to borrow an old BB charger… from a guy who owns an iPhone.

Stop looking at me like that. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I work for a tech blog. I am not ashamed.

I’m well aware I am THE target market for the iPhone 4S. So why haven’t I assimilated?

Color me a slow adopter. The 4S intrigues but, despite having yet to join the iPhone faithful, I was among the many disappointed the iPhone 5/6/name TBD didn’t happen. I can–and may well–purchase the 4S and I’m sure I’ll be more than satisfied…

At least I will be till that fateful day next year when Apple announces the new iPhone X2 Awesome with Siri Personal Assistant Hologram–just like a real assistant sitting next to you!–and telepathic text app. Then those who held out for whatever reason will crow with self satisfaction because they are in the market for the REAL deal. Meanwhile, I will be staring longingly at them through the Apple Store’s massive plate glass window, limply holding my suddenly and profoundly outdated technological former wunderkind, with a tear on my cheek.

It’ll probably be raining too. Sad days are like that.

But it’s all good right now, when 4S is all we have. Still, I have to wonder: Are people snapping up the 4S just because it’s the new thing NOW? Nobody really likes waiting. Am I being told I need to upgrade simply because Apple released the next in its line of wonderphones and, you know, everyone is supposed to have one because… well, because Apple made it and we just are? How many people really really need to upgrade their cell phones (you 7 remaining dino-cell users out there notwithstanding, of course)?

I wonder if some of those who have “gone ahead” and purchased–I’ve heard some folks state it that way–will wish they’d exercised a wee bit more patience once the shine wears off. Will they still be content with their purchase in a few months when the 4S excitement is eclipsed once again by talk of the REAL deal? Right now the 4S has ascended to the throne because it was uncontested–but only weeks ago we grumbled it was merely a pretender. I suspect we will resume those rumblings again in a few months. Word on the street is Steve Jobs’ last great efforts will be reflected in the future model–and you can bet good money it’s going to be something else.

If I buy a 4S now, will I regret not having waiting for the dazzler that comes only a short while later? Normally I’d advise one never attempt to wait out technology; that’s a fool’s game you can never win. But in this case we’re talking about a mid-term spruce versus a pending, guaranteed total overhaul. Siri is a great new feature–but I don’t need Siri. The iPhone 5/6/name TBD, however, may be so jammed packed with spectacular, life-altering must-haves I might wish I’d just bought a new BlackBerry battery and waited it out.

On the other hand, sometime next year is a long time to wait. And I try not to hold myself hostage to the whims and schedules of others when I can help it. At the end of the day, a new phone would be nice.

So as I stare at my well-worn BlackBerry I ask myself: Am I the buyer who wants the new thing now? Am I the buyer who believes I truly shouldn’t wait any longer to upgrade my glorified paperweight  old cell phone? Or am I the buyer who, despite the hoopla, can tell myself the iPhone 4S is ultimately not the iPhone for me and get by a while longer with what I have?

Ah, choices. It’s kinda Woody Allen up in here, isn’t it? Maybe just a little. I’ll make a decision and I’ll let you know what I decide, whenever I decide–and why.

How about you? Why did you buy–or not buy–the new iPhone 4S?

–The Luddite

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