The name’s Pie, Android Pie

Pie anyone?

The wait is over. The P stands for Pie, Android Pie.

Yep, Google’s new operating system is called Pie, or as Google will tell you, Android 9.

The systems latest features concentrate on battery life and tech addiction.

That’s right, tech addiction. Google (and Apple) want us to believe the company doesn’t always want you on the phone. You can ask your phone to warn you when you have been on it too long or ask it to shut off certain apps after certain periods of the day.

The battery setting, adaptive battery, helps phones with slower, older processors to become more efficient. It will also limit juice flowing to apps you hardly use and send it to the ones you use the most. Clever.

When you get to use this new system varies. If you signed up of the beta version and you have certain devices by Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, or Essential you may have it by the end of the fall. If you have Google’s Pixel, you should have it by Monday. Everyone else could get it before the end of the year.

That’s if they really want the system. Android is the most popular IOS, but most of its users are two to three system behind. Only 12 percent of Android users use Oreo.

Google has to get others that manufacture Android phones to agree to the updates. These phone makers also like to add tweaks to the system specific to each’s phones.

This small percentage is in stark contrast to Apple’s 81 percent which use it’s IOS 11. Apple also showed off similar tech that mimics Google at its WWDC in May.

Google previewed Android P a few moths ago displaying its other new features. 

Curiously, Google did not mention Samsung, which will unpack the new Galaxy S9 and 9+ August 9 on its website