HTC Droid DNA aims for best screen in a smartphone. Does it win the claim?

The big news in the crowded smartphone world — literally — is HTC’s new Droid DNA announcement.This is a 5-inch phone. So it’s bigger than the big Galaxy SIII and nearly as big as the Galaxy Note II. It debuts Nov. 21 at the now familiar price point of $199 with a two-year contract via Verizon.But the, um, big news here is the screen. It’s running Google’s smooth Android Jelly Bean software, and that’s as good as anything on the market. You probably have tried some flavor of Android by now. Know that Jelly Bean just does everything, but better. It’s also got built-in wireless charging.

The news here is the screen. The new Nexus 4 has a very good looking 4.7-inch display, but the DNA brings to the market a 5-inch 1080P display. This display matches the one of your flat screen TV. And the DNA also brings something called “pixel density” to numbers we haven’t seen before.

The new HTC, according to the Verge, clocks in a 400 pixels per inch. It means text looks sharper, mostly. We wonder about battery life, however.

Gizmodo took a very in-depth look at the display today comparing it to several others on the market. They deliver the image above which shows the pixel densities of some of the best smartphones on the market. To our eyes, the DNA is the new king (photo from Gizmodo)

HTC and Verizon are touting the high resolution screens being great for gaming and photos and noting that with a five inch display, your fingers won’t get into the way of gameplay.That may be true, but for many users, 5-inches is going to be two big, requiring two hands for most tasks. We do like the idea of simply laying the phone down on a charging pad to charge it and a one button access to Amazon shopping.The Verge claims this phone tops the HTC One-X as having the best smartphone screen on the market. We love to the One-X so to top it goes a long way, but for the size may be a turn off for most, but if you can handle the size, this could be a very good smartphone for you. Our advice?

Go to your nearest Verizon store and give a try.

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