I want you iPhone, but it’s not lust, just like

iphone 5

OK, the iPhone 5 is out and the universe is still working as it did before the release of Apple’s cash cow. Jeeeez.

It’s not that I don’t like Apple, I do. I’m a diehard Apple user. I’ve owned three of its computers, including the laptop on which I’m typing. I’ve only needed three because the first two lasted an average of eight years each. I’m into the third year of this MacBook so I should be good for another five years or so.

Yes, I love all things Apple but I can’t get too excited about a phone – even if it’s a phone I intend to own.

I did follow Engadget’s live blog, though, so I guess that makes me somewhat of a fan boy. I listened (or read along) to Tim Cook and company go on and on about how great the thing is and what it will do and so on. It does a lot, even make angry kids happy, according to Apple. Maybe not, but those pictures on the Retina display sure look good.

I wasn’t in awe and I don’t know if I was impressed. I admit I’m a jaded journalist but it may also have something to do with the fact that I don’t need all the hoopla and hyperbole to get me to try an Apple product. I know the products work through experience.

I’ve never owned an iPhone, just three computers and four iPods.

The first computer I ever used was an IBM at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. R.J. Reynolds donated a lab full of PCs, printers to the Journalism school, even a fancy overhead projector and screen. Before that, everyone was still pecking out stories on IBM Selectric typewriters. That was only in the early to mid ‘80s. The PCs were a revelation, even though MS DOS didn’t make any sense to me. Being able to edit something before and after I finished got me out of grad school.

It wasn’t until my second newspaper job that I discovered Apple. The Charlotte Post, a weekly African American newspaper in Charlotte, NC, used those things religiously. I’ll admit, they were kinda buggy and did crash, but I’m told so did everything at the time. There was something about those little things that made me like them. I didn’t need to know any computer language, just turn it own, start a new file and start typing.

That made me buy a power PC of my own. That little 75 megahertz machine served me well for nearly a decade. Heck, a friend of mine has it and says it will still power up.

I’ve loved Apple ever since. I went to a 750 megahertz iBook and now a MacBook. I couldn’t tell you what it’s speed is because, well now that doesn’t even come up in the marketing of computers anymore.

Now it’s time to at least try an iPhone. Heck, since I know I’m not going to use a PC, the iPhone makes sense. I need to complete my Apple ecosystem transition. I also need a new iPod. My fourth generation Nano has served me well but it’s having many problems and is ready to pass on to the Apple afterlife. Getting the next iPhone will take care of two need: I will get a new iPod in the deal (every iPhone has one built in). I will also get a new phone which I also need – or just want.

I’ve tried two Android phones and a Blackberry. The Blackberry was cool into started updating while I was in mid-conversation. Curiously, there would be no record of the conversation I was holding on the phone before the update.

Android is a different story. I’ve not really like either phone I’ve owned. I’m convinced the Motorola Clique I owned was not only a bad phone, but the worst electronic device ever made, possibly forged in the fires of hell itself. It stared off OK, went bad quickly, then got progressively worse. Now Motorola couldn’t  give me gasoline if I ran out of it in the desert on a 150 degree day.

The HTC or My Touch has been better, but it has developed some of the same problems of the Clique which include but not limited to a faulty touch screen and the annoying habit of randomly picking a number and dialing at the most inopportune moment for caller and callee.

So, it’s not blind faith or fanboy mentality that makes me want an iPhone 5. It’s the fact that my Apple stuff always works. Sure, I’ve had problems, but the problems have been fewer than on anything I’ve ever owned except maybe my Toyota Corolla.

So, Apple, yes I’ve been pulled into your evil scheme to take over the world. Wait, I’ve always been part of your evil scheme to take over the world. I’m in deep, babe, but only because that’s what I want.




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