IK Multimedia showcases iRig Mic Field at NAMM 2015

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field
IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field

The iRig Mic Field is an upgraded version of the company’s previous version, the iRig Mic Cast. It is lightweight and roughly the size of a cheese cracker with an input that rotates 90 degrees for optimal positioning. Operation is simple: plug in, turn on your i-device’s recorder and the mic’s status indicator lights up to let you know it’s on and ready to go. The Mic Field has a gain control wheel and an audio-out jack for users who want to monitor their recordings through headphones.  The Mic Field comes with a black foam windscreen and soft carrycase, all which fit neatly in a pocket.

The mic can be used to record just audio as well as audio for video. We found the Mic Field’s recorded clean sound with solid fidelity–our video recording of the No Wonder band provided an  impressive first go with the mic. We also tested the Mic Field’s audio-only sensitivity at home, setting it to record for several minutes in a quiet room. It deftly picked up the subtlest sounds of house settling and outdoor noise.

Our only gripe? The input has no extension, nor is there an included adaptor, which required us to unsheathe our device from their protective cases to connect the Mic Field. If your device is swathed in Otterbox-style protection–any sort of case, actually–know you will have to remove it to use the Mic Field out of the box, which many users will not find practical. We asked about this limitation while at the booth and were told the solution at this time is to buy an aftermarket adapter. We hope this is a limitation IK Multimedia addresses with its future i-device mics.

The IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field retails for $99.99. Find more information here.gopro silver edition hero3классические духиcansonic cdv-800туризм финляндия Жилые автоприцепыкуплю материнскую плату б упригорает эмалированная кастрюляcar cover honda civic 2007видеорегистратор hd720p отзывыgopro цена россия