Infiniti Q60 Red Sport looks, acts the part of sporty car

2018 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400

Infiniti has always been one of my favorite luxury brands, despite the disastrous ad campaign that launched the brand.
Remember the salmon swinging upstream? Never did see that Q45 did we. Ok, that was nearly 30 years ago and the brand certainly has proven itself worthy against well established luxury marks.
Infiniti has added some spice to its lineup with the Q60 Red Sport 400, the top dog in its luxury coupe offerings.
Red Sport is appropriate since it’s the only version available in this fiery color (at an extra charge, no less). I’m not a fan of red but the car is striking in this hue. The long sculpted hood sweeps back into slightly flared fenders and a nice proportioned middle section that drops off to a short rear deck. There’s not much room in that deck, but more on that later. Overall, the look is sleek and modern.

Q60 side view

The interior is a mix of modern and old school. The double screen center stack is OK, but it looks as if the bottom screen is from another era. There’s also a number of different surfaces including soft touch and hard plastics, leather, faux carbon fiber and metal. I think it works but a little updating may be necessary.
The seats are quite comfortable for a sporty car. The drivers seat has oodles of support for aggressive driving and yet dose not inspire fatigue. There is an OK amount of room for adults in the rear, but for short trips.
Powering the Q60 is a 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6 coupled to a seven-speed automatic transmission with selectable driving modes. Three-hundred-fifty pounds feet of torque are available early in the generous revolutions per minute (rpm) range so those 400 horses kick in quick. The engine’s sound is glorious, but it’s actual performance is wonderful. Put your foot in it and you get rewarded instantly. I’m thinking around 4.0 seconds to sixty, probably less. I couldn’t confirm this on Infiniti’s website ( but I think I’m close.
This car’s handling is a dream. Click on the sport settings and you feel like you have claws instead of run-flat tires. There is some electronic dampening stuff going on as well to give the car a very precise feel. Sling it around a curve or go silly fast down an open stretch of highway and the grin factor is around a nine.
The dynamic digital suspension is great, but you may not like the direct dynamic suspension package. It feels a bit intrusive and, well, robotic. I’m sure it achieves whatever Infiniti intentioned, but you may have different ideas to achieve the same goals.
The ride is firm but comfortable, at lest for me. There are settings to make the ride more comfortable (or more taught) but you may opt for the naturally aspirated V6 that has a less firm suspension.
That would be the only reason not to recommend this beast. No, this is not quite the car as, lets say a BMW 4-Series coupe or the Mercedes C-Class coupe. Heck, the Lexus RC will give this car a run for its money. That aside, I’d look closely at the this coupe. You don’t have to buy it in red. There are at least nine other colors. But you would miss out on some real driving fun if you didn’t treat yourself to a test drive at least. The looks scream “hey, I’m over here,” and once you gaze its hard not to do a double take. Price? Well, if you go for the AWD version you start at $54,000. If you prefer the rear-wheel driven version, look at about $52,000.
You can get a well equipped V6 in the mid $40,000 range, but you’d miss those 400 horses.