iPad 3 to be announced March 7 and will be 4G/LTE

The Wall Street Journal has added the most credible weight to the rumors of something we kind of knew was coming all along.

The newspaper and web outlets were abuzz today when credible sources began to say that we can expect Apple to unveil iPad 3 at a media event March 7. The WSJ said the new iPad, expected to carry a super high resolution screen, will also operate on AT&T’s and Verizon’s high speed 4G/LTE cellular networks.

Given Apple’s usually predictable cycle, the past iPhone 4S not included, we generally knew we’d see an iPad announcement sometime in March. We also expected a high resolution screen and 4G. Still, Apple fans are probably happy to get some more concrete information on the next iPad.

For many users, the 4G equipped iPad will cruise the Internet at higher speeds than they get from the cable or DSL Internet connections and provide some serious speed on the go.

Given the iPhone 4 and 4S are not 4G devices, users who use the WiFi hotspot functionality of their phone, paying an upcharge to use the phones Internet connection to power up to five other devices, may reconsider their choice. The advantage to the hotspot is you can also power, say, your laptop in an area that doesn’t have WiFi, but if you only mostly power up your iPad with Internet, wouldn’t you want to have faster Internet?

Of course, we need to see pricing first.

The Journal said when a 4G signal isn’t present, the new iPad 3 will “fall back” to 3G technologies.


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