iPhone 4S survey: 71 percent satisfied with new smartphone

A new Retrevo Apple white iPhone 4Ssurvery of more than 1,300 Americans shows that 71 percent of smartphone owners were pleased with the announced specs for the new iPhone 4S, which hits stores tomorrow.

Of the 29 percent  dissatisfied with the 4S announcement, 7 percent wanted the new iPhone to have a larger display; 11 percent wanted a new design; and 17 percent wanted 4G.

Apple didn’t release a heavily rumored hardware revision and we suspect disappointment over expectations of that major revision, complete with drawings and photos, may be coloring opinion among a few of the disgruntled on the eve of the iPhone 4S launch.

Among iPhone 4 users (which likely further shrank the sample size), 47 percent were disappointed in the iPhone 4S specs. Among those iPhone 4 users, 12 percent wanted a bigger display and 29 percent wanted 4G.

What does it all mean?

The numbers reveal that, despite the initial grumbling among enthusiasts disappointed the iPhone 5 remains for now a dream deferred, the iPhone 4S more than measures up for most who are ready and able to switch. Perhaps the snazzy new Siri voice response personal assistant feature put it over the top for the one million who ordered the phone within 12 hours of its launch. Consider Microsoft sold 1.4 million smartphones in the entire second quarter, according to one analyst. iPhone 4S has already almost left that number in the dust before it has even hit stores.

iPhone 4 users may take a more critical view as their incentive and enthusiasm to upgrade isn’t as strong. Many iPhone 4 users are still under contract and not in the market to upgrade to the 4S, which has been viewed as providing only minor upgrades to their existing iPhone 4.

The proof is in the pudding, however–or in this case, the hands of consumers, who will find out if their hunch for or against iPhone 4S is right on Friday. Stay tuned…

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