iPhone 5, um, smashes Samsung Galaxy SIII in a Hong Kong Droptest

Well this didn’t take long.

We’re getting our first iPhone 5 drop test videos and, while we’d still recommend putting a case around the iPhone 5 — which does detract from the phone’s premium design — it is more durable than probably any iPhone we’ve seen.

The guys at Android Authority, admitting the iPhone is the “phone we love to hate,” did a drop test in Hong Kong with a new iPhone 5 that didn’t even have the software running against a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

They didn’t drop the Samsung Galaxy SIII as much as the iPhone 5 because it sustained major damage to the screen. The drops came from pocket height, ear height (which smashed the Sammy) and level-to-the-head height. iPhone 5 suffered screen to the framing, but nothing that made the phone unusable. The Samsung screen still worked despite major damage to the plastic housing.

A reader at an iPhone forum was able to scratch up a black one pretty seriously as a store with a pin. This was, of course, a store model. This only gives credence to our theory that you still want a case on your i5.

Here’s another drop test from iFixYouri

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