iPhone battery draining fast? Try this

You just picked up a shiny new iPhone 4S or a new 8-gig previous generation iPhone 4, or maybe you just updated your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS with Apple’s cool new iOS 5 operating system. You’re eagerly exploring all the cool features and can hardly put it down — and that’s when you discover one not-so-cool thing, and something users at alldaytech.com have noticed:

iPhone battery drain.

OK, this one time, at band camp, one of these iPhone 4S batteries was draining SUPER FAST but it was because a bone-headed ADT editor decided to use the “iMapMyWalk” app to track his (or her) time and distance during a recent Sunday morning walk. Only he, or she, left the darn thing on after returning home (which would explain why it said we burned 1,561 calories on a 9-hour walk).

Even with the app turned off, the iPhone 4S battery was draining a lot faster than the old iPhone 4, before the software update.

This, of course, is a problem.

Thanks to the guys at iDownloadblog, we now have at least a temporary fix while Apple works to resolve the issue.

It seems that adjusting the time zone settings may help. At least it did for us. There may be a bug in the new iOS 5 operating system that makes the iPhone location tracking feature stay active like our walking app did and not shut down.

Result? Same as our walking app. When the zone setting stays active, the battery wears down faster than a 4G Android (did we say that? Don’t hurt us — or call us “iSheep,” Fandroids).iPhone 4S battery issues

To remedy the problem, try this (until Apple releases a fix):

1. Touch the “Settings” icon on the iPhone home screen.

2. Click “General” within the setting menu.

3. Scroll down to “date and time”. Tap that.

4. Move the toggle switch beside “Set Automatically” to “off”

5. Report back with your results.

It’s worked for us. We’re back to getting that really good battery life we were used to from the pre-software update, previous-generation iPhone 4 days of old.gopro hero3 silver edition reviewTrendVisionhttp://podmani.ru/инструмент для укладки паркетапокрывало Nissanремонт кондиционера своими рукамиcar cover dimensions электроманок с рупорным динамиком ТК9цена на справку по болезни