Is a T-Mobile iPhone on the way?

MacTrast reports that in addition to a Sprint iPhone in about six weeks, customers can also expect a T-Mobile version.

Citing the now-expected anonymous source, the web blog asserts that the iPhone would operate at 3G speeds on T-Mobile’s network. That could mean that the iPhone will take advantage of T-Mobile’s faster HSPA+ variant of 3G that brings with it speeds fast enough that T-Mobile markets them as “4G.”

Currently, iPhone owners who have unlocked phones can run on T-Mobile’s slower 2G network. Interestingly, if the new iPhone is a 3G only phone that supports HSPA and HSPA+, the T-Mobile version could be the fatest, easily beating Verizon and Sprint, which average less than 1.5 MPbs download in many markets, and AT&T, which has faster 3G than Verizon and Sprint and its own version of HSPA and HSPA+.

MacTrast’s source said the T-Mobile version would launch in early to mid October


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