Is ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ as bad as you’ve heard? Of course not, even if box office numbers continue to dip

By now you’ve probably heard the news: “Batman Vs. Superman” is not a very good movie. The plot is going in a thousand different directions; there’s too much “stuff” in the film; the trailer gave everything away.

Blah, blah, blah.

Batman vs. Superman logo from the Warner Bros. movie Batman vs. Superman
Batman vs. Superman logo from the Warner Bros. movie Batman vs. Superman

And the first time I saw the 2 hour and 30 minute epic, I thought director Zack Synder had taken some missteps in Batman’s long-standing code of honor and made Superman too dull.

But after a second viewing and time to digest it all, I think BvS is a solid film. It’s not “Avengers” or “Iron Man” or “Captain America” good, but it’s good. The plot is still a bit contrived but it makes sense, and make no mistake, Synder can really make a visual spectacle.

This is a big, big movie and the special effects — save for some very bad CGI in the final third — are stellar. There’s more character development going on than I gave it credit for the first time and more believability.

I’m fine with Synder marching on with Justice League now, and am looking forward, still, to Wonder Woman’s solo project more than anything. That said, it’s a little hokey how our two antagonists finally come to blows — hokey in the set-up and hokey how the actual fight happens when it could’ve easily been avoided.

But there’s a lot to like. I may be in the minority but I thought Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was spot on zany and on second take, this film is much better than it’s been getting credit for in many of the reviews.

And those reviews, and word of mouth, appear to be taking their toll. After a solid $166 million debut weekend, Bats/Supes dipped nearly 70 percent in its second weekend, raking in $51.8 million. Zootopia was a distant second at $20 million, but a movie as highly anticipated as this one probably should’ve done better.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opened with $191.2 million on its first weekend and did $77.7 in its second.

Warner Bros. put out a statement saying $51 million plus is a lot of cash and they’re focusing on the total haul and the global haul, which it says, “is huge.”

For, on Round 2, BvS was far better than Round 1. Unfortunately, it’s the first impression that counts most.

Initial rating: 2 out of 4 stars.

Second review rating: 3

out of 4 stars.