Is Tiger Woods done? Frankly, too early to tell

Everybody is writing off ol’ Eldrick Woods these days. Just because he came back from what was basically a three-month layoff from a knee injury and didn’t play well.

What did you expect?

Seems to me that Ernie Els and a bunch of big-time name golfers are down in  Greensboro, N.C., this week to play in a tournament that none of them would chose to play in to try to qualify for the PGA playoffs next week. Tiger’s not going to Greensboro and Tiger’s not going to the playoffs. Both are good things actually. Tiger needs to practice.

Since injuring his left knee and Achilles’ at the Masters in April, Woods has spent much more time rehabbing than putting or pitching and was in a protective boot for a long stretch. He hasn’t worked with his teacher, Sean Foley, much, and those two were in the middle of a pretty significant swing change.

Yet all the TV pundits on Golf Channel and ESPN are watching Tiger struggle and talk about his lost game as if he’s been on the tour playing heavy amounts of golf and lost his game. Phil Mickelson has stunk it up this year. So has Els, but those guys don’t get to live in the spotlight that Woods does. The top American in the world right now is Steve Stricker and he’s had to win comeback player of the year twice to get there. He completely lost his game. Found his way back.

The guess here is that Woods still has game. We saw it at Augusta, we saw in stretches the past couple of weeks. What he needs is more practice and then to play. I’m not sure it benefits him to play publicly right now because of who he is and the state his game is in. Pundits love to go to panic mode when Tiger misses a cut or fails to shoot 68.

Will Tiger gets to 19 majors and pass Jack Nicklaus. He’s 35. Nicklaus didn’t win his 15th major until he was 38.

Tiger has time. He’s healthy now.

He just needs to work on his game some. And play more.

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