Land Rover LR4 handles any terrain

2016 Land Rover LR4

I am fond of Land Rovers. The British really know how to build a luxury SUV.
But why would I buy a $100,000 vehicle to take it bashing through the woods? A dent in something this good looking would be a pity.
Yeah, I know, you can say the same about almost any other SUV of today. Heck, even pickup trucks cost a lot and look good as well.
OK, so do not buy the Range Rover. You can always step down to the Land Rover LR4. It’s more truck looking and it doesn’t cost a hundred grand.
Nope, the LR4 starts at a more modest $50,400 base.
Ummm, yeah, right.
Still, It’s a fine truck that is designed to go where only angels dare to walk. It’s also designed to take you through this treacherous territory in style.
I’ve always liked the look of the LR4 (which is called Discovery in the rest of the world). It’s tall, which gives it tremendous headroom. It also looks like something that can handle the outback with no problem.
The interior isn’t as spectacular as the Range Rover. It doesn’t have nearly the switchgear as its big sister, but I don’t think you will be left wanting. The materials feel good and solid – as should be so in a vehicle in this price range. Your gear selector is a round knob that rises from a flat position when you start the car. I think all Jags and Land Rovers have this feature.

The view is panoramic and the interior has been tweaked.
The view is panoramic and the interior has been tweaked.

There is plenty of room for seven adults. Yes, the third seat is comfy. Fold it and you have 42 cubic feet of storage. There is also a roof rack for more stuff.
The 2016 LR4 comes with a very potent supercharged V6 which replaces an even more potent V8. That engine was heavy and dated so the lighter V6 saved some weight and added some fuel efficiency. Not a whole lot of economy is gained, however. The LR4 still weighs about 3 tons. Once you pack on all that four-wheel drive stuff it’s hard to get the weight off. The V6 makes 340 horsepower with 322 pounds-feet of torque. It will move the LR4 sufficiently quick, but a weight loss would probably give this thing some sweet moves.
The transmission is an eight-speed unit that works well with the engine. It never lagged and it shifted crisply.
On the highway I don’t find fault in the LR4’s ride. Yeah, you can tell it’s more of a truck but a well sorted out truck. Its standard air suspension helps absorb bumps as well as offering adjustable ground clearance. This is a tall vehicle but I never noticed a lot of swaying about.
If I wanted, I could have taken the LR4 rock climbing. The adjustable suspension has a crawl setting that can take you just about anywhere. If you want that kind of ability, it’s available in the heavy duty package with includes a two-speed transfer case, locking rear differential and a full-size spare tire on an alloy wheel.
My test vehicle was an HSE LUX version. That alone adds $10,200 to the bottom line. It also adds a plethora of equipment that includes climate control system, navigation system, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree backup camera, blind-spot detection system, 17-speaker system and upgraded leather seats. A Black Design package includes 20-inch black wheel, grille, door handles, mirrors and other trim.A suite of Apps and a two package round out the options.
The as-tested price of my HSE LUV was $68,270 which included destination.
Yes, I like this vehicle a lot. If I owned it I might even take it through some rough terrain. Maybe. That Fuji White paint job looks awfully good.

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