Mercedes casts off Maybach lineup

Maybach's last voyage will be sometime in 2013.

Mercedes will dim the lights on its uber automobile line called Maybach by 2013 to concentrate on the next S-Class sedans, according to Automobile Weekly.

Maybachs have lagged behind the projected 8000 per year and Mercedes chairman Dieter Zetsche had not given the go ahead for the replacement for the aging limos. The company will instead concentrate on the next S-Class which will be offered in at least six different versions.

“We came to the conclusion that the sales chances for the Mercedes brand are much stronger than those for Maybach,” Zetsche told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Maybach competes in rare air indeed, up with Bentley and Rolls-Royce, both of which Mercedes tried to buy but was outbid by Volkswagen in 2002. Volkswagen has since passed Rolls on to BMW.

Maybach is held in high esteem in Germany, but the rest of the world hasn’t caught the fever. Athletes, rappers (Sean Combs gave one to his 18-year-old son Justin), mega preachers and business folks have plunked down as much as $450,000 for the 62 (named for it’s length with is 6170 mm or 242.9 inches) and about a hundred grand less for the 57.

The S600 pullman will debut around 2013 as the Maybach disappears. Many of the outgoing cars features will be incorporated into the Pullman, which should push the S-Class into the $200,000 price range.

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