MKX Is Bright Spot In Lincoln Line

This is the Lincoln MKX, not the Ford Edge.

You may have guessed that by the larger grill and the slightly different shade of red. These cars are essentially twins. As always, Lincoln does upscale versions of Ford product.

Lots of people question this. Why pay more for the same vehicle just because it has a few more toys. Don’t we always pay more for essentially the same vehicle with a few more toys?

Sure we do, But Lincoln isn’t just giving a copy as it has in the past. Like it’s lower sibling Fords, Lincoln’s now have a distinct family profile, That big, kinda bulldozer (Lincoln says “winged”) grill  is on every car, crossover and SUV. I like it. A bit bold for some tastes, but I like it.

MKX interior is nicely finished, spacious

What the MKX offers is copious amounts of luxury. The vehicle has been reworked from exterior to interior.The dash has leather (which is becoming very popular in some cars) as well as on all the seats which are very comfortable. Mechanics are raising, lowering, sliding and moving about everything in the vehicle. Wood, aluminum, and other expensive materials line the cabin. The center stack has a few soft-touch switches but is dominated by a touch-screen by which the user controls MyLincoln Touch. This is the Sync system which has been enhanced to control telematics, audio and climate settings. The dash is a mix of analog and digital which allows you to select certain gauges and view certain functions.
The MKX has 309 horsepower with 280 pounds-feet of torque. This makes the car a bit on the athletic side. What saps some power is the slow to shift six-speed transmission. It’s not like that all the time, just in spots. Like most other Ford derived cars, the MKX is also a tad heavy. Still, you’ve got enough power to pass and zip through traffic at highway speeds with no problem.

Be careful, the MKX doesn’t drive as much as it floats. It’s not the old barge-type Lincoln feel, but it is soft and cushy. My all-wheel drive version did track straight and handle curvy roads well, but I wouldn’t call it sporty. It gets the job done nicely, however.
Now if you got the base vehicle you would be satisfied. It’s stocked with everything you want and possibly need. That’s already over $40,000 for the AWD version. Add a premium, elite or limited package and you will push the upper 40s with ease. I believe I was given the elite, which gave me panoramic sunroof, THX certified sound system, 20-inch wheels, blind spot warning system and a 10 gig music storage system. That’s on top of the Sirius satellite radio, Bluetooth and iPod interface which is a smattering of the standard equipment.

Certainly, the Edge can offer much of this at a lower price, as well as a few other crossovers. The Lincoln is more stylish and with the revamped body and interior is as upscale as some higher priced crossovers. Yes, there are several that cost more. I’d say  Lincoln got it right. There are few misses but the hits stack is much higher than the misses. Nice going, Lincoln.

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