Moforte Power Chord app turns your iPad into an electric guitar

MoForte Powerchord guitar app display
MoForte Powerchord guitar app display

Moforte showcased its new Power Chord iPad guitar app at last month’s winter NAMM 2013 show. Power Chord essentially turns your iPad into an electric guitar, with plenty of satisfying bells and whistles.

We stopped by the Moforte booth and had a go with Power Chord. A virtual set of strings over an electric guitar pickup is displayed on the screen, along with a few controls and inputs. After a brief tutorial from the Moforte booth rep we ran a finger across the face of the iPad and while it took a minute to adjust to “playing” guitar on the iPad’s smooth, glossy surface rather than strumming along a set of grippy strings, we took to it quickly.

Bend the iPad to and fro and the notes just played will squeal and cry wah-pedal and tremolo style. It kind of made us feel like Jimi Hendrix. We were entertained.

Moforte describes Power Chord as a “highly interactive mobile/tablet guitar that everyone can pay and thrash.” The app does not use sound samples and instead recreates the physics of an electric guitar. Feedback and distortion are modeled to respond and sound like they would on a real guitar. Our booth rep told us learning is easy with Power Chord because the hard part–fretting chords–is removed. Power Chord lets the user lock in a chord and strum away. Other features include:

  • Strumming and power chord modes
  • A selection of models for popular types of electric guitars
  • Modeled guitar articulations including harmonics, pinch harmonics, slides, arpeggios, glissando, string scraping, damping and auto-strum
  • 5000+ chords
  • Fully programmable effects chain, including distortion, compression, wah, 4-band EQ, phaser, flanger, reverb and amplifier
  • Authoring tools for song creation – handles custom chords and presets.

Power Chord also lets you record and share your song creations online. The app itself is free and through it you can purchase licensed songs, effects and upgrades. Power Chord will be available this spring.

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