NAMM 2016: A groovy return to Moog’s Island of Electronicus

Moog Music Island of Electronicus sign, NAMM 2016.
Moog Music Island of Electronicus sign, NAMM 2016.

The 70s were a groovy time.

This year Moog’s 2016 NAMM booth took us back to its seminal 1971 Moog Island of Electronicus, in tribute to the company’s first successful immersive marketing event/experience of the same name and vibe. The original Moog Island of Electronicus event was held on an island off the coast of Florida and was a success. Trippy, 70s, totally retro and replete with sky-high cacti, bean bag cushions, blankets and plenty of retro gear all in the round, this year’s Moog was a sight to behold.

The welcome sign read:
“Welcome to the Island of Electronicus. This is our tribute to David Van Koevering, Moog’s former marketing guru, who founded the Island of Electronicus off the Florida coast in 1970. Back then, the Island took in the spectacle at the foot of the stage, seated on pillows, Van Koevering encouraged audience participation and had synthesizers set up at the front of the stage for people on the pillows to play. Part show, part happening, part concern, part a revivalist meeting – the Island of Electronicus had it all. Although the Island happened after the psychedelic 60s, the use of electronic music and light show to induce transcendent states was similar. Van Koevering wanted his audience to experience a Moog-induced state of reverie. We invite you to do the same.”

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