Moog reveals new Sub Phatty analog synth at NAMM 2013

Moog Sub Phatty Synth
The Moog Sub Phatty synth

When we heard Moog would be showing its new Sub Phatty analog synthesizer at the winter NAMM 2013 show last month, we put their booth at the top of our priority list. With a name like Sub Phatty, how could we not dash right over to turn the knobs and make those awesomely signature otherworldly sounds only Moog can produce?

Our helpful Moog booth rep walked us through our very first hands-on experience with a Moog and explained what makes the Sub Phatty special. First, about that name: Sub is for its sub oscillator that, for those in the know, outputs a square wave one octave below the main oscillator. For the rest of us, that just means the Sub Phatty is capable of producing deep bass frequencies. Phatty refers to its soft-touch brushed aluminum side panels.

Moog touts the Sub Phatty as “the grittiest Moog synth ever” thanks to Moog’s Multidrive circuit technology that creates a plethora of colorful and varied sonic distortion. The Sub Phatty was described to us as fast and powerful with 100% analog sound and a digital function to save settings and presets. It sports two main oscillators, 25 semi-weighted monophonic keys–so no chords, folks–and gets going with almost no warm-up time. MIDI connectivity is there, of course, and the Sub Phatty will connect with other devices compatible with its control voltage/keyboard gate connectivity.

Our test run on the Sub Phatty was a blast. We struck the keys, turned knobs, wiggled the modulation wheels and were rewarded with one awesome, growling, whooshing howl after another. We are hardly Moog aficionados but we loved it and had to tear ourselves away.

The Sub Phatty is slated to hit stores in March at about $1099 retail. For detailed specs, demos and information about the Moog Sub Phatty, visitпокрывало Kiaдухи амор амор ценасколько стоит администрирование сайтастеклокупить духовой шкаф газовый встраиваемыйпродажа недвижимости бучамагазин одежды и обувиgopro hero3 black specsaxis цена на