NAMM 2015 first listen: AKG K812 High Fidelity headphones


AKG K812 Pro Superior Reference Headphones
AKG K812 Pro Superior Reference Headphones

The AKG Pro Audio K812PRO Superior Reference high-fidelity headphones won the best headphones category during this year’s winter NAMM TEC Awards show. As we’d just given the impressive Blue Mo-Fi headphones a listen our curiosity was piqued. We made a trip over to AKG to hear what the competition had to offer.

First, know the K812 is an expensive, high-end headphone–but more on that later. “More” and “bigger” seem to be the K812‘s winning formula. The K812 promises to produce sound as close to natural as possible, thanks to its 1.5 Tesla magnet system, which is the strongest on the market today and which produces extremely high quality sound. The company also hypes the headphones’ 53mm transducer, the largest AKG has built yet.

Relatively fresh from our brief yet satisfying test drive of Blue Mic’s Mo-Fi headphones, we were excited to try these out. It’s hard to dig deep at noisy conventions but we just wanted the highlights. As with the Mo-Fi, we were able to sample a variety of genres of music at AKG’s headphone sample station. And like the Mo-Fi, we found ourselves blown away by the K812‘s extreme sonic clarity and crisp, even tones. If you’ve never heard music through today’s high-fidelity headphones, you owe it to yourself to listen to it through a pair of K812s. The sound is unreal, more there than there if that makes sense. These are built for studio work, as they capture every detail of every sound.

Fit was comfortable and the finish seemed solid. And at an average retail price of $1499 the K812 is a serious headphone meant for industry professionals and only the most dedicated audiophiles.

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